Financial Protection flipbook 2024

Taking Inventory There is no single way to make a written inventory of your valuable items, but it helps to have an organized method, such as completing one room before moving on to the next. You may also want to list your most valuable items first. Make sure to include the following documentation. Record the name, quantity, and description of each item, as well as where and when you purchased it. You could also note the price you originally paid. Detail the brand, model, and serial number of appliances and electronic equipment. Keep sales receipts and/or appraisals for valuable items. Adding Visuals Take digital photos or videos of your home, the furnishings, and your additional belongings. Don’t forget to open the closets and cabinets so the contents are visible. Youmight want to use a software program or mobile app that walks you through the inventory process; it could provide guidance and save time. Consider storing copies of all documentation in a safe place—outside your home or even online—so the information can be accessed fromwherever youmight be staying. As you acquire new valuables, your records will become out-of-date. Take time to review your records on an annual basis. 1 2 3 Make a weekend project of documenting your belongings, and you might sleep easier as the next big storm approaches.