Who I Serve

My clients range from high-net-worth individuals, affluent families, and business owners to those who are approaching retirement or in retirement.  All of my clients highly value honesty, integrity, fairness, accountability, skill, and high levels of personalized service.  


My Process with You 

I believe in investing my time with you before you invest your money with me.  You will receive a complimentary goals-based wealth management consulting session.  During our consultation, we will fully discuss your financial situation, investment experience, current portfolio analysis, scoring of their tolerance for risk, and expectations for returns and their investment time horizon. 

If both sides are comfortable to proceed, I will initiate your fully customized wealth management plan.  I am committed to staying in regular contact with you.  Whether you prefer to meet quarterly or simply want to receive a formal annual review, my reviews are completely tailored to your needs.

Many of my clients have felt comfortable in continuing to add to our relationship by consolidating other accounts or when there is a financial event like inheritance, retirement, or sale of a business.  I am always open to help as needed.